I started my career in the navy. I spent nine years in the nuclear power program. Two years of training, three and a half years operating a nuclear reactor on a submarine, and three and a half years doing nuclear repair on a submarine tender.

Most of my career has been spent cleaning up messes. When you start on the submarine, the only thing you’re qualified to do is clean. Same thing on the submarine tender. You’re not qualified yet, so go clean something. Two years of training and education to be a janitor.

One day, I discovered that I was very good at cleaning up messes involving paperwork. I’ve been doing that ever since. When I got out of the navy, I spent eight years in the medical device community…..cleaning up their messes. FDA shut the company down due to quality violations? Time to break out the “mop and bucket” and get us turned back on. Buy out a company and the documentation is right? I can fix that one too.

After working full time for eight years while going to college part time, I finally got my Electrical Engineering degree and went back to work for the navy as an engineer and research diver. Oh, and there’s plenty of cleaning to do here also….


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